Water everywhere, barely any here!

Water everywhere, barely any here!

Though discussions are held at every meeting, permanent solution still eludes

But, Chamarajanagar being what it is, is facing dearth of drinking water. The city is not only facing scarcity of drinking water, but also some kind of strange situation that tantamounts to ‘discrimination’ in supplying drinking water.

Every meeting of City Municipal Council, there is a discussion about the leakage in water pipeline that supplies water to T Narsipur. However, a permanent solution eludes this problem, or no concrete steps have been taken to sort this out.

It is rather surprising to note that while some of the areas are reeling under severe water problem, some of the areas where the rich and influential live, are completely untouched by the misery faced by others. These areas get water regularly, while the areas inhabited by not-so-affluent-general-public gets water once in two or three days. 

The fact that even the valvemen are hand-in-glove with this is no secret. While they supply water to the rich locality for over one complete hour, smaller localities don’t get water for even 20 mins. How can families of 5-6 members make do with less than 500 lts of water for the next three days? The authorities  have no answer for this.

Going by the CMC website, one person needs at least 100 ltr water on a daily basis. And, on the whole, the city gets over 12 MLD water, says the website. As per the 2011 population figures of the city, ward number 31 has over one lakh people living in the area.

Calculations based on the information on the website, reveal that every individual can be provided with over 120 litres of water everyday. However, despite supplying water once in 2-3 days, CMC is not able to provide even 100 lts of water per day per person. The reason behind this remains a secret.

The United Nations says an urban dweller uses 120 ltrs of water every day, since that is the minimum required to meet the hygiene and physical needs of a person. General public in the city has been pleading with the authorities to at least arrange for water supply once a day.

“The CMC officers and members are not facing any problem with drinking water. Hence, the problems faced by general public does not even reach their ears. If they continue to do this, voters will surely teach them a lesson,” says home maker Yashodha.

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