Kanteerava Studios plans to build 150 theatres in Karnataka

Kanteerava Studios plans to build 150 theatres in Karnataka

The Studios plans to establish the theatres in 'B' and 'C' centres of Karnataka at an estimated cost of Rs 200 crore, Studios' Chairman Girish Mattannavar said.

'B' centres refer to taluks and 'C' to Hoblis, which are villages of a taluk grouped into smaller clusters.

He said the private sector was enthusiastic about the venture, adding, the Studios was keen to get players of Kannada film industry also on board for the initiative.

The idea was to build malls housing film theatres, shopping complexes and community halls, similar to what one sees in Bangalore, in "B' and 'C" centres, so that people could do multiple activity.

"The private sector is very much interested. We will give land, and electricity subsidy, while the private sector will undertake construction and have 'minimum management' in the ventures", Mattannavar said.

On the equity ratio in the ventures vis-a-vis Studios and the private sector, Mattannavar said the Board would take a decision on this.

He said paucity of sufficient number of theatres is hindering the growth of Kannada film industry. People in villages are watching movies at home following the proliferation of pirated CDs. "If we give them theatres, people will definitely come back. We want to draw them into theatres," he said.

Mattannavar said the Studios has plans to venture into making quality and creative documentaries.

Studios is also building a traffic junction, middle-class houses, "dhaba", tea shop and bar and restaurant - all for shooting purpose - at its 12.5-acre land here.