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Read all the day's letters

Punish Buta Singh
Buta Singh has always been notoriously famous for wrong reasons.

Never in his politcal carrier so far he has been straight forward. He has broughtup his children also in the same fashion. His son has disclosed that it was with the full knowledge of his father he received bribe of Rs 1 crore from Ram Rao Patil, a builder to bail him out of a case involving duping poor Dalits of their money by getting their signatures and getting croes of rupees from a co-operative bank and swindling it. Ofcourse Patil too deserves punishment. The CBI has clinching evidence of Buta being involved. But the adamant Buta is defending himself by accusing the CBI of political vendetta.

Both Buta and his son deserve severe punishmnts. Buta also has a notorious ditinction of being a highly prejudiced governor. As the Bihar governor, he blatantly miused his power to unconstitutionally recommend President's rule in that state to please the then Union Govt and the Supreme Court passed severe strictures on him.

He is a black spot in our political system. But the Congres does not want to give up his company!

A Srikantaiah

N R Colony,

Thumbs Up Government!

Government did well in snubbing private airlines. When Air India itself is in doldrums and for which government is finding it difficult to bail out, how can these private organisations can demand favour. These people should realise that many of their woes are due to their own making apart from recession and fuel cost which nobody can help. As such, it is suggested that these private airlines start thinking objectively and use the opportunity of AI's plight to improve their efficiency so that they can attract more business to overcome their problems.

V S Ganeshan



New Controversy

The argument of BCCI and Indian Cricketers is totally hollow, with this a new controversy and conflict has erupted between the BCCI and ICC, the players have come down heavily on some of the pre-conditions of WADA which has made it mandatory, for the all the players to disclose their identity well in advance this is a step in the right direction, if one is really not guilty must adhere to the norms of WADA rather than rejecting the rules. Of late we have seen irrespective of sports and the clout of the sportsmen, they did indulge in defaming sports by using drugs to enhance their potential, under these  circumstances one should support the cause of WADA rather than, un-necessarily indulging in argument, as most of the nations having accepted the proposal it makes no sense on the part of BCCI and our players.

Inamdar Ramachandra



Hashmi's House Hassel

I was shocked to see as how media is overplaying selective communal reporting of Emran Hashmi (the Muslim actor who allegedly was refused home in a Hindu locality in Mumbai).

The media always reports taking a communal stance, even if we assume that the actor was refused but in a Hindu majority India why does majority community can never buy property in Muslim majority J&K or why does a one need a permit to enter in the christian majority states like Mizoram or Nagaland!

There are thousand of anomalies in the Constitution but no one has time to debate on it.

Or can anybody explain as why we (Hindus) are welcoming millions of illegal Bangladeshis daily?

The day is coming when people will storm in into these ‘Media houses’ for their biased,communal & one sided journalism.

Majority of today's journalist are partial, unethical & spineless.

Tuneer Bondopadhyay


Unnecessary Load Shedding

This refers to: ‘Load shedding: BJP govt lock horns’ (DH Aug 3). The report coming from various sources suggest that all the dams which generate hydro-electricity are full and there is no reason why the energy minister is bent upon and has a penchant for switching back to load-shedding theme. The story would have been different had the dams been empty, necessitating tight rope walking. Having blessed with bountiful rainfall in the catchment areas, it is only incumbent on the part of the government to supply quality and uninterrupted power supply to the consumers.

Concerted efforts should be made to plug the transmission loss and effective steps taken to prevent power pilferage besides initiating drive to collect arrears from the defaulters which runs to crores. There is need to mitigate the usage of power by instructing government offices to turn off ACs as is the directive in vogue in Punjab and Haryana, encourage drawing power through solar energy. After all, power saved is power generated should be our motto; the charity has to begin from home vis-a-vis government.

H P Murali



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