Friend cuts man into 9 pieces

Friend cuts man into 9 pieces

Gory story

Only, our proverbial friend here was slashed to pieces, stuffed into plastic bags and thrown into a waste dump by his friend.  The horror story involving two expatriate friends happened at Varkala, 45 km from here.

The family of Salim, a 44-year-old businessman in Riyadh, had filed a complaint of man missing on July 9 with the Varkala police.  Police registered a case and were investigating when they managed to cull out crucial leads about his money lending business from his phone calls.

They found that it was Salim’s business friend Sharif who got rid of his friend with savage brutality as he was unable to pay back his dues. Sharif, 41, had returned from Riyadh about a month ago while Salim had come just three weeks ago.

Police said the duo appeared to have had many monetary transactions between them and Sharif owed Salim a big amount, running up to a crore. On July 9, Sharif invited Salim over to his rented house in Varkala after sending his family away on the guise of cleaning up the premises and the septic tank.

“There, the unsuspecting Salim was offered coconut juice laced with a heavy dose of sleeping pills. After he dozed off, Sharif slashed him to pieces,’’ said a spokesman for Varkala police. He said Sharif cut Salim’s body into nine pieces with a knife brought from the Gulf and stuffed them into black polythene bags.

The body parts were thrown into a pit in his backyard from where they were recovered on Thursday afternoon in a highly decomposed state. There was no proof of any other person being involved in the crime.

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