No spirit in this spirit

It’s neither a ‘spirited’ nor a ‘spooky’ show. But Muni2Kanchana inovkes the sprite to scare the devil out of you. With a spirit as spiritless as a skeleton, Raghava Lawrence’s Muni2Kanchana spins out a sorry saga sans spark or spectacle.

Hero Raghava is dead scared of darkness. So much so, he literally wets his pants. Giving our otherwise happy-go-luck bedevilled beau the heebie-jeebies is a ghoul Kanchana who he unwittingly rouses from the grave while playing gully cricket by striking his stumps into the ground. That this transgender, done to death by her detractors, snakes into taking possession of Raghava to seek vendetta, only compounds the problem.

 However, this rather tragi-comic situation provides much needed relief from an otherwise sombre situation by tickling one’s funny bones. Otherwise, a lengthy and languid Muni2Kanchana toddles on slower than a snail sending viewers on a stupor.
A sequel to his earlier Muni, Raghava renders the film into a meandering, mindless masala.

Despite technical gloss, a sloppy script renders Muni2Kanchana a damp squib. Waking one up every once a while from deep slumber is the song and dance ensemble with the sensuous and sizzling Lakshmi Rai at her seductive best. All that Muni2Kanchana does otherwise in its bid to send shivers down one’s spine is goad you into sneerful guffaws at the goofy goings-on. Strictly stay away from this sorry, spiritless sprite.

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