Delhi stuntman drags Suniel Shetty to court

Delhi stuntman drags Suniel Shetty to court

Delhi stuntman drags Suniel Shetty to court

The summons to Shetty and his film producing firm, Pop Corn Entertainment Pvt Ltd, was issued by High Court's Joint Registrar Girish Kathpalia, who has slated October 19 as the date of the actor's appearance before him either personally or through his counsel.

"You are hereby summoned to appear in this court in person or by a pleader duly instructed and able to answer all material questions relating to the suit or who shall be accompanied by some persons able to answer all such questions," said the summons issued to Shetty.

It also directed to file within 30 days "a written statement in your defence and to produce on the said day all documents in your possession."

Accepting the court notice, Shetty's counsel Vineet Dhanda said stuntman Puran Chauhan had been making claims based on documents "forged by him".

"There are contradictions in the claims of Puran Chauhan, who is physically challenged, as he says something else before the magistrate and something else before the producers' association and totally different in the present matter," the counsel told the court.

In his suit for recovery of Rs 97,98,630 from Shetty's company, Chauhan accused the actor of not paying him any money for availing his services during shooting of the movie 'The Little God Father' in 2007. As per the suit, Shetty's company had decided to make a documentary film to highlight the plight of victims of the Mumbai serial train blasts on July 11, 2006, and the film director had approached Chauhan to be a part of the project.
Chauhan said he was also promised a handsome amount for his services and alleged that Shetty failed to pay him as per the offer letter.

In his recovery suit, he also claimed that due to his efforts, the Western and Central Railways had exempted Shetty from paying fees worth Rs 3,94,00,000 for using various railways' sites in Mumbai.

But, Shetty instead of him giving him his dues, had gone on to threaten him with dire consequences for demanding the same, Chauhan alleged.

"The defendants are under legal obligation and legally liable to pay the amount as per the offer letter along with interest," he said in the suit.

Chauhan's another plea accusing Shetty of threatening him was admitted by the Delhi High court in March this year.