Read all the day's letters.

Read all the day's letters.

Maya seeks more funds for statues, memorials
This is with reference to Maya seeks more funds for statues, memorials appearing in DH dated 04 Aug 09.
By declaring 47 districts as drought hit areas, UP CM Mayawati has demanded around 9.5cr as monetary aid relief from the Centre. Drought conditions in the state have not deterred Mayawati’s govt to seek out an additional Rs 550 cr to construct her mentor’s memorials and self statues. Instead of digging bore wells, canals, connect rivers and tributaries her fetish for memorials grow galore. The Planning Commission must take strong exception to these wasteful expenditures. No wonder people of the state migrate to other states to live a meaningful and purposeful life.
Deepak Chikramane

Stop strikes!
When private airlines announced their intention to go on strike on Aug 18, the government immediately issued a stern warning of severe action and fearing this, the airlines called off their strike.

But now, nationalised banks have planned to strike on Aug 6 and 7. These banks already have many holidays and in addition, they go on strike on some issue or the other. Bank service is an essential service, so the government should not keep quiet.
R Ranganathan

Soaring prices and fake notes

My Hindu as well as Muslim friends from Dubai have asked me to write this letter to you and to your draw attention of the inattentive government thereby towards the fact that the everyday soaring prices of the essential commodities are not the political issue but the issue of every aam aadmi of India. According them Sharad Pawar should be removed from the post of the agriculture minister at once because he is the greedy commission agent. His connections with the sugar lobby in Maharashtra have proved this fact repeatedly since the past several years.

Does the UPA chairperson know why is there need of import of any food grain, pulses, dal, edible oils, sugar or any other food item? Obviously such ‘need’ is for commission (read corruption) and not the genuine need. Why has Sharad Pawar joined BCCI? Of course, because it is the money minting organization because of the thoughtless and lazy Indians’ cricket craze. They and our government are not worried at all about the soaring prices of the vegetables required everyday by every Indian.

My aforesaid friends also say that there should be no dialogue with the untrustworthy
Pakistan for any matter whatsoever. PoK should be recaptured because entire Kashmir belongs to India only. All the rail and road links with Pakistan, PoK and Bangladesh should be cancelled instantly. Or many more lakhs of fake notes, terrorists, arms, ammunition and drugs will be dumped into India.

Consequently the Indian economy will be shattered and the aam aadmi will always panic. They will be killed mercilessly by the
Pakistan backed terrorists everyday. The sole way is to destroy Pakistan without any notice. The common man in Pakistan may be interested in India’s friendship but the ISI, LeT and the Pakistani army are not interested because of the fear of losing their importance and hold over Pakistan since 1947.
Hansraj Bhat
Borivli (W),

EVMs manipulative? Prove it
Despite the fact that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have been used in several elections over a long period of time, some political parties feel that these could be manipulated in favour of any individual/party. This is no doubt a serious allegation but has to be proved. Those who claim that EVMs could be manipulated should demonstrate how it could be done rather than make vague allegations. We are one of the few countries in the world who have introduced the EVMs over a period of time with excellent results, saving time and paper. The Election Commission should involve technical experts and see that there is no cause for any doubt regarding the foolproof nature of the EVMs. 

D.B.N. Murthy
I Block, Jayanagar


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