Bounty And Bananas

Bounty And Bananas

Vilasnagar was the home of Bounty, a stray dog who was loved by all it's residents.

Bounty was a brown and white dog with large floppy ears. The residents of the locality felt safe around him. Bounty too enjoyed all the attention he got and was more than happy to keep guard. Every morning he would go for a walk through the street and get some breakfast for himself. On one of his morning walks he saw something really strange. There was a newspaper strewn on the street and it seemed to be moving!

Bounty lifted it up and out rolled a puppy! He was dark brown and had white patch on his back. "Well hello there! My name's Bounty. How did you get here?" The pup looked really happy and said "I'm Bananas. I just ventured out for a walk and got separated from my siblings and now I am completely lost." "Bananas? That's a funny name for a dog.

Anyway you can stay with me for as long as you like." Bananas was thrilled, after spending two nights alone he was really glad that he found someone. "So when do we get to eat? Any chance I can get to eat a few bananas? It's been so long since I've had any. You see my family used to stay near the local market and this one shopkeeper used to give us some bananas each morning, but none of my brothers and sisters seemed to like it, I love bananas, that's how I got my name!" Bounty was very amused and he showed Bananas around. The pup was very excited and couldn't stop wagging his tail.

Bananas soon got used to the new neighbourhood and everyone loved the goofy pup.

Well almost everyone. Col. Gupta could not stand the pup. One morning Col. Gupta had found his newspaper all chewed up. When he found out that the new pup on the street was the culprit, he yelled at Bananas and threatened to hit him with his stick. Poor old bananas had no idea he wasn't supposed to play with it and realised only when Bounty gave him a very stern talk and said that it was best to stay away from the old man because he hated dogs. Bananas walked with his tail between his feet and looked dejected all day. Everyday after that Bananas would jump up and down whenever Col.

Gupta went for his walk trying to please him but the old man would just shoo him away in irritation. But Bananas never gave up!

A few weeks passed this way and the monsoons were nearing. On one July evening Bananas ventured out on his own and it got really late. Bounty was worried about him.

He found shelter for himself and waited for Bananas to return. By the time he got back it had started to drizzle and it was really dark. Bananas was beginning to get scared and he just crept into the first house he found. Little did he know it was Col. Gupta's house!

It started raining heavily and he was terrified and wished Bounty was by his side.

Meanwhile, Mutthuraj, a petty thief was making his way up the balcony. He was very glad it was dark and said to himself "Ha! What a great night this is. No lights anywhere, I'll wait for thunder and then I can break a window and no one will hear me!" It was pouring now and Mutthuraj was waiting for the right moment to break in. Suddenly there was a loud thunder and Mutthuraj made his move. Bananas got so scared that he started howling really loudly! Bounty heard this and barked loudly so that Bananas would know that he was close by. Col. Gupta was awakened by all the noise and rushed out with his gun in hand. And there was Mutthuraj trying to steal his TV! Col.Gupta immediately called the police and Mutthuraj was behind bars in no time. Col. Gupta went downstairs and found Bananas huddled up under his car still scared. Bounty had reached the spot too.

Col. Gupta was so pleased with the two dogs! If it weren’t for the two  he would have woken up with all his valuables missing. From that day onwards Col. Gupta always had some biscuits for Bounty and a banana for Bananas. And you can guess where Bananas slept during the monsoons!

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