The BABY who taught LESSONS to his BABYSITTER!


teffi looked at her charge. He was the cutest little baby she had ever baby-sat. Well, coming to think of it, it was only fair for her to say so. The cute little baby boy was her own brother. Her parents often left the small thing with his elder sister.

Steffi loved him with all her heart. He was quite a trouble too, she had to concede. He would bawl whenever he wanted anything and would run away from her whenever he got a chance! It was her responsibility to see that his needs were satisfied and she was the one running behind him yelling, "Steve! Come back here this instant!"

Steffi used to be the clumsiest and 'don't care' attitude girls. Once her little brother came into the picture, she softened and learned to love and care. She was very clumsy at the beginning. She went up to her mother when Steve was only a month old and said, "Mom, I want to carry Steve! Give him to me!"

Her mother looked at her uncertainly but seeing the look of great disappointment on her daughter's face she agreed. "Okay, you can hold him if you promise to be very careful," said mother as she handed her little one to her. Steffi, with her butter fingers could only manage to cling on to her brother for a little while. Ting -Tong! The doorbell rang.

Steffi turned around, forgot completely about Steve in her hands and let him slip! He came flying down in amazement! Her mother was too shocked to move. And before anything could be done he landed with a slight thud on the carpet! Steffi stared at Steve in horror. Unable to control her emotions, she started to sob. Her mother shed a few tears too. But Steve didn't understand why his mother and sister were making such a fuss! He enjoyed dropping from heights and the previous encounter had been a lot of fun!

She learnt to be much more careful while handling things and babies. She was punished for what she had done. She wasn't allowed to touch her brother until he was a year and a half! By then, she had become meticulous with babies .And Oh! How sweet she had turned!

Her brother had taught her quite a few things in life. She had turned over a new leaf due to him. I must say, some everyday incidents teach us a lot more than what we learn in school!

Written By: Amulya Murthy, Class 7 B, SKCH (CBSE)

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