On The Spot: A still from the movie 'Shooter.'A struggle to prove innocence

Mark Wahlberg plays an ace marksman living in self-exile in the Arkansas wilderness after causing the death of an innocent person. Persuaded by his former associates that they need his help to prevent an assassination, he is subsequently double-crossed and framed for the presidential assassination he was trying to prevent.

Now forced to go on the run, he is determined to track down the real killer and the truth behind who betrayed him.

ALL SMILES: Neena Gupta plays the role of Shubha in 'Ladies Special.'All about women
Watch Ladies Special on August 6 at 9.30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Geeti spends some quality time with her family before leaving for the camp in Karjat with Yash.

Though the Shindes are worried about sending Geeti alone, they are confident that this time nothing would go wrong with their daughter.

Geeti spots Jassi near her camp area. Vinni once again pushes Shubha to come along with him to Canada.

Eventually, Vinni stays back in India. Just then the lawyer comes and breaks the news of the house being divided amongst four people — Shubha, Vinni, Vasu and Mallaya. But all of them are not aware of who Mallaya is?

TRAVELLER: Paul MertonExploring a diverse country
Find the alternative India with 'Paul Merton in India' starting August 6 at 9 pm on Fox History and Entertainment.

Comedian Paul Merton sets his sights on India, bringing his own unique perspective to the vast and diverse country.

Shunning the traditional tourist spots in favour of unexpected sights and surprising detours, to see ‘his India’, he readily follows his own instincts, taking the viewers on a personal odyssey where a delicate balance of heart and humour will expose an unfamiliar side to India we know.

From the crowded city streets to the harsh beauty of rural India; from the rugged terrain of the North to the South, Paul’s Indian adventure sees him hang out with a gang of eunuchs; dine with convicted criminals in a high security prison; learn to ‘rock’ on stage Indian style, and get swamped by thousands of naked holy men at a remote hilltop festival.

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