Frolicking on the campus

Frolicking on the campus

Montage JNC

Dressy: Girls dressed in the black and white theme.

Montage — an inter-class cultural festival of the pre-university students of Jyoti Nivas College took place recently. Spread over three days, this colourful event was a cause for much celebration.

Nivedita G, a first year PCMB student who was visibly excited after winning the second place in the Western dance competition said, “It was a first time experience. We didn't have anything like this in school. It was a fun-filled week and we got to interact with our seniors and find out about everything on campus much better.”

Day one was dedicated to the task of finding a fresher who would rule for a year as the Freshie Queen. The competition was divided into many rounds like the Qualifiers, Talent Round, the Quiz and the Personality Contest. Tina dazzled the judges to win herself the crown. Meenakshi won the title of Freshie Princess.

Each day had a theme. The theme for day one was ‘back to school’. The girls came to college wearing their school uniforms.

“We were happy because we all wanted an opportunity to wear our uniforms one last time,” said Shweta Prithviraj, II nd SEBA.

Halloween themed day two saw many vampires and other creatures of the dark surface on campus. Faces coloured white and green prowled the campus. Shweta informed, “It’s because of Twilight that everybody wants to be a vampire.”

Day three was tribute day. The girls wished to honour the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The campus resembled a chess board with moving pawns. Black hats, white gloves, curled hair, powdered pale faces all walked around paying tribute.

Days two and three were for competitions. Students took part in both stage events like Indian and Western dance competitions, Indian and Western acoustics and personality contests and off-stage events like debates and creative writing.

An elated Nivedita said: “We were happy because our classes got cut short. We would walk around campus and practice everywhere. We even got to see our teachers dress up like us.” Shweta added to this cheerful sentiment, “We’ve been looking forward to Montage ever since it got over last year. We get prizes so we participate in as many competitions as possible. This year was better than the last year because I won three prizes.”