Culture on a platter...

Culture on a platter...

Cul week Mount Carmel

Laugh Riot: Mad Ads on the ramp.

Every year around this time, the Mount Carmel campus comes alive. The Cul Week is a celebration of talent and culture.

This is the time to swagger and preen a little bit more. This year, the feast was constructed around The Sound of Music theme.

“We all love music, it’s important to all of us. I guess that’s why the theme,” reasoned Lubin Lukas, the president of the Students’ Union.

In keeping with the theme, the girls had organised a lucky draw contest, wherein the winner would win a beautiful guitar worth Rs 9,000. 

Held over August 3, 4 and 5, the Cul Week was aimed at providing an opportunity for the students to showcase their hidden talent.

“Each society invites those who participate in each contest to join them. Like for example, the girls who participate in the Western acoustics competition are invited to join the Western Music Association. Some do. For others, it’s just a competition,” explained Lubin.

Each of the three days had a dress code. Day one was Traditional Wear. The girls on campus came bedecked in their traditional fineries.

While the Salwar Kameez was the most common, Mekala Chadar, Sarees from all over the country and even Pattu Pavadai found takers.

The highlight of the day was Mad Ads, where in the college team sold some Carmel Thadka Beedis dressed in Mundus folded up at the knees, displaying colourful shorts and tee-shirts a la South Indian film stars. Meera Shankar, one of the participants, said, “We have been doing Mad Ads for sometime and the Carmel Thadka Beedi is very popular.

You know, we practice, we improvise on stage, basically it’s about having fun on stage.

We enjoy the fact that we beat the boys from other colleges because Mad Ads is so male-dominated. It feels great.”

The Traditional Ramp walk followed Mad Ads. Girls wearing ethnic clothing were called on stage to strut their stuff. The boisterous Mad Ads team walked with the more sedate, coy girls. The 70s-themed day two saw even more rollicking fun than day one. The girls flaunted flower power in bright colours, big headbands, wedges and bell bottoms.

The day saw such competitions as Indian Dance, Personality Contest and Western Acoustics. Meera was chosen as Ms Personality 2009.

The college fashion team put on a show introducing the new girls and showcasing their award-winning line.

Day three was a tribute to MJ. The band Illuminati performed at the rock show and the girls had a bash celebrating the joyful week.