People's problem

People's problem

Non-functioning street lights  

This is causing much inconvenience to the residents in the area, especially, the students. Thefts have increased because of this and the residents fear walking on the streets in the night.

The street light on the 9th Main ‘B’ Cross has not been working for a long time now and it is not being repaired

either. Complaints to authorities concerned have gone in vain. Bescom should take proper steps and see to it that no street light goes off in the night without any valid reason.
K R Raghavenda Rao

Balancing act
There are many workers in the City, who are in the job of replacing billboards. They are risking their lives. They sit on the knife-edge of the frame without any support. I noticed a person sitting on a huge billboard and going on with his work at Binny Mill Main Road.

People engaged in this work should be provided with adequate security measures like helmets and hooks. They should also be insured.
Shravan Iyer

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