Artist couple from UP bring Sanchi art to Udupi

The delicately designed art is interwoven with the help of dry colours. The uniqueness of the art lies in the fact that it can be sketched out on the surface of the water and also at the bottom of the water.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, artist Shashank Goswami informed that the art is closely associated with religious emotions of the people. The art is conceptualised based on the stories of Krishna Leela.

Sanchi art can also be drawn using the petals of flowers along with dry flowers. It is almost similar to ‘Rangoli’ that are found in this part of area. However the art differs with styles and skills that are involved.

“I have been popularising Sanchi art in Germany, Italy, London, America and France,” he added.

Dr Selina informed that the art developed through unwed girls in ancient Uttar Pradesh offering prayer to “Sanghi Devi” during “Pitra Paksha” by drawing images with the help of cow-dung. This was done by them to please the Goddess to get a good husband.

Later in between 15th and 16th centuries Vaishnava temples in Uttara Pradesh and Mathura region adopted this traditional art.

It was refined and changes were made as per the conveniences. Most of the sketches of Sanchi art are in octagonal shapes with mythological scenes comprising especially the stories of Lord Krishna, she added.

At the outskirts, the art is elaborately sketched with various designs of bright colours and the core of the art displays the stories of Krishna Leela, she informed.

The exhibition, demonstration and lecture on Sanchi (Sanghi) art was organised jointly by Artists Forum, Udupi, Chitrakala Mandir Udupi and Kanakadasa Adhyayana Peetha, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College at Nutana Ravindra Mantap.

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