'Everyday is Friendship Day'

'Everyday is Friendship Day'

Close Bond

'Everyday is Friendship Day'

Best buddies: Jennifer Kotwal and Sharmila Mandre. Manjari Phadnis

“Since I am staying alone in Mumbai and far away from family, I rely on friends a lot.  I have four best friends.

Being girls, we rely on each other for every thing. I feel they are like my sisters that I never had. They are my strength and weakness. When I am not shooting, we are hanging out and we share everything with one another. Come to ­think of it, we celebrate Friendship Day almost everyday.”

Tarun Chandra

“I don’t believe one needs a particular day to celebrate something as pu­re as friendship. For me, friendship is a bond that can be crea­ted between any two individuals. Be it parents, siblings or even your life par­tner, a friend is anyone who under­stands you and helps you become the person that you are. I don’t have one particular person who I can say is my ‘best friend’, instead I have lots of friends both in and outside th­e film industry with whom I am very close to.”

Jennifer Kotwal

“True friends are those who will be by your side no matter what. They will love you no matter which mood you are in.

That’s what I really love about my friends. Though I may seem like a loveable person on the outside, there are times when I can be moody and my  friends know how to handle me then. I have not grown up celebrating Friendship Day. But I will use this day as an excuse to chill out and go out on a party with my close friends. I have  lot of friends and I share a special bond with each one of them. Though I don’t have friends within the industry, I am very close to Sharmila.

Being in the same field, we understand each other very well and she is someone with whom I can be myself.”

Sharmila Mandre

“I have very few true friends and I am fortunate to have found them. They are the ones who really understand me and I can easily rely on them for anything.

I have always believed that friends are those who stick by you when you are down and
celebrate with you in your good times. Within the film industry, I am very close to Jennifer (Kotwal). Being in the same profession, we really hit it off and enjoy each other’s company. Everytime she is in town, we hang out a lot together and do all the girly things.”