Differences in brain may explain why people turn psychopaths

Differences in brain may explain why people turn psychopaths

Using a powerful imaging technique (DT-MRI) researchers highlighted biological  differences in the brain which may underpin these types of behaviour and provide a more comprehensive understanding of criminal psychopathy.

"If replicated by larger studies, the significance of these findings cannot be underestimated. The suggestion of a clear structural deficit in the brains of psychopaths has profound implications for clinicians, research scientists and the criminal justice system," said Craig.

While psychopathy is strongly associated with serious criminal behaviour such as rape and murder and repeated offences, the biological basis of psychopathy remains poorly understood.

Also some investigators stress mainly social reasons to explain anti-social behaviours. To date, nobody has investigated the 'connectivity' between the specific brain regions implicated in psychopathy.

These results were published in Molecular Psychiatry.

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