Heath Ledger's music video on anti-whaling released

Heath Ledger

The six-minute animated clip for the song King Rat by the US band Modest Mouse, which was released this week, comes with an anti-whaling message and features a cigar-chomping blue whale captain out hunting for humans in the sea.

The dark video features graphic images of a crew of whales and dolphins catching swimming men, skinning them and processing their meat for the hungry seal pups.

Ledger, who espoused the cause of whales, approached the band to make a clip for their song in January 2007.
He then roped in Daniel Auber, a Los Angeles based concept designer to make the video.

"Heath was very interested in defending the lives of whales and dolphins and the whole problem with Japan at the moment and whale hunting. So it was very important for him to make a video that would make an impact," Auber told The Times.

"We needed to have the shock factor because if it wasn't dark it wouldn't be impressive, and if it wasn't impressive nobody would think about what we are doing to wildlife in the ocean," Auber added.

Ironically, the video which was "conceived down to the last detail" by Ledger, remained unfinished after his death in January last year.

The video ends with the message, "This began with our friend, a great defender of life, and was completed in his spirit."

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