Read all the day's letters.

Read all the day's letters.


Where the Knowledge is free
Finally Kapil Sibal has been able to convert the poetic dream of Rabindranath Tagore of free education into reality. The just passed 86th amendment to the Constitution would enable our children access to free and quality education in schools which would need much effort to fall in line. There is no denying that private schools from playgroup onwards have become the biggest money spinners of all times. A major change of hearts of the school management rather than any ordinance is needed to become of the part of this great revolution.

Raghubir Singh

Buta Singh threatens to give up life
This refers to ‘Buta Singh threatens to give up life’ (DH, Aug 5). Having being embroiled in the sensitive case, Buta Singh has threatened to end his life in case he is asked to step down to countenance prosecution. On the contrary a seasoned politician like him should audaciously face trial to prove otherwise. The law enforcing investigation agencies should not be petrified by the politician’s intimidation. We must weed out corruption from our political system irrespective how high or mighty the person may be. This trial must be deterrent to fellow politicians.

Deepak Chikramane

An act of wrong diagnosis
The government has issued show cause notices to the two hospitals in Pune, which are allegedly being held responsible for the death of a Swine-Flu affected teenager. The sole reason cited for this action is reported to be---an act of wrong diagnosis on the part of these hospitals. If that is true then, in future, the health Department would be left with only one task in their hands; viz. to issue similar notices to many hospitals in the State, where-in a large number of cases are incorrectly diagnosed, resulting in fatalities for the unlucky ones.


Arun Malankar


Govt should not rob the Peter and pay the Paul
It is not a wise decision to satisfy the bureaucrat in announcing refreshment allowance to them detrimental to the interest of those who are suffering from the economic recession, especially those working in the private sectors.The bureaucrats are high profile officers with several benefits and may be affected to a certain extent of financial benefits in their salary because of recession, which is compensated by granting perks and other benefits.The Govt. should not rob the Peter and pay the Paul under any circumstances by granting refreshment allowance to bureaucrats.
B S Raghavendra Rao,




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