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Tv talk

ELEGANT From The Tudors.

King Henry looks to consolidate his power by appointing Brandon and Norfolk as co-presidents of the council.

As rumours spread that the king’s dissatisfaction with his new advisors has led him to consider reinstating Wolsey, Katherine realises that a rapprochement with the exiled cardinal may work to her advantage.

However, accused of treason, Wolsey is arrested and taken from his home in York. Realising what a guilty verdict means for him, Wolsey takes an extreme step.

Return of the glam doctors
HOT DOCS The cast of Grey's Anatomy.Embrace yourselves for wiser doctors, bigger traumas and greater
challenges at the Seattle Grace Hospital as the fourth season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on August 8,

Saturday at 10 pm on Star World. The Emmy-winning series returns with more medical mysteries and traumas for the highly competitive and scalpel crazy doctors at the Seattle Grace Hospital, it promises to entertain and surprise the viewers with new relationships, hotter romance and unimaginable surgeries that their favourite doctors will be undertaking this season.

The third season finale left all the audience rather anxious as Burk left Christina alone at the wedding altar, George didn’t graduate due to the emotional turmoil within and Meredith and Shepherd ended breaking up. It all seemed like a bad dream. So what actually happened? Did Burk come back? Will Izzie and George commit to a relationship? Can they be best friends again? Will Meredith find love again? Season four treads on the emotional dilemmas and ambitions of these highly proficient and intelligent doctors.

On a different planet
HBO presents Pitch Black starring Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser, Radha Mitchell and Keith David as part of its Friday Blockbusters on August 7 at 9 pm.
Vin Diesel
When a passenger ship of 40 crash lands on a desert planet, the handful of survivors find themselves stranded on a barren wasteland with three scorching suns and an escaped convict, Riddick (Vin Diesel).

In search of shelter and water, the survivors band together only to discover that nightfall brings with it, swarms of giant carnivorous monsters that can be repelled only by light. Riddick and the passengers must come to trust each other if they have to escape the planet alive.

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