Celebrity: life Shah Rukh Khan with family.  No starry air...

Enter the private life of one of the nation’s most public faces — Shah Rukh Khan. Uncover aspects of Shah Rukh’s life you never knew existed.  Watch how he continues to write success as TLC cameras travel with him across the globe.

Offering an ultimate access into the life of Shah Rukh Khan, the series will delight viewers around the world with a complete view of his 24/7 living including his family and vacation time, relationships with his kids, wife, sister and friends; entrepreneur spirit, film-making process, time management, brand appeal, fans’ interaction, celebrations, IPL venture, global lifestyle, his castle Mannat and much more. ‘Living With A Superstar — Shah Rukh Khan’ airs on August 9 at 8 pm.

Ultimate transformation

Thunder Races’ is an exciting programme for Discovery Turbo audiences.

The team transforms car junk into hulking heaps of hot racing machines and then taking on each other for the ultimate prize.

In this episode, three teams are given just two days and 800 British Pounds each to convert two old wrecks into one double-engined hybrid. ‘Thunder Races’ airs on August 9 at 10 pm.

Cute: 'The Looney Tunes Show'Partners in crime

Cartoon Network presents ‘The Looney Tunes Show’ on August 9 at 12 pm. Bugs and Daffy haven’t changed — but their lives have. Bugs is as brazen, sarcastic and ahead-of-the-game as ever, and Daffy, despite his narcissistic, sociopathic and paranoid tendencies, is Bugs’ best friend and a seemingly permanent houseguest. Now Bugs and Daffy can wreak as much havoc at the grocery store or the DMV as they once did in the forest.

Living in extreme conditions

Plunge into more extreme adventures with Bear Grylls in ‘Man Vs Wild’ on Discovery Channel. In each episode, Grylls is left stranded in a region and uses his effort to survive and find a way back to civilisation, usual requiring an overnight shelter of some kind.

Using his specialist survival techniques, he attempts to navigate his way through these environments and make it out alive. Along the way, he braves the biting cold, treks through desolate deserts, encounters dangerous predators and has to make do with whatever he can for food — dead or alive. ‘Man Vs Wild’ airs on August 9 at 9 pm.

(TV Show Timings are subject to change)


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