'I design only for strong, confident women'

'I design only for strong, confident women'

Perfect Fit

'I design only for strong, confident women'

But designer Rocky S begs to differ. “Change is constant and that’s what keeps me going.

After 20 years in the fashion industry, I believe that I have achieved only five per cent of what I am capable of,” says Rocky, who has gone in for a complete makeover. His long hair has been trimmed, ears are pierced and Rocky not only looks younger but is also rocking.

Rocky hasn’t had a minute to spare after he landed in Bangalore for an event. While the event kept him busy, he also spent a better part of his time catching up with old friends.

“Growing old has nothing to do with numbers. It’s all in the mind. I feel I have just begun. While clothes are just one among the many things... I will soon branch out into creating signature shoes, my bags are already a favourite with the fashionistas and interiors is another aspect I am keen on exploring,” says Rocky.

Rocky loves clothes and loves to dress others even more. But he makes sure that he slips into a clothing that he is comfortable in and believes in ensuring that his clients too feel easy. That his clothes are a rage in the City was proof when Rocky got a cult treatment from Bangalore’s fashion crowd who literally put him on the pedestal. The ramp scorchers went up to him and tried to sell themselves as the perfect fit for his creations.

Eighty per cent of Rocky’s designs are for business prospects and in the rest, he puts in his aesthetic imagination. “Women must feel special when they wear my clothes. I design only for strong and confident women,” says Rocky.

Was it challenging for Rocky to get to where he is today and even more tedious to maintain that? “I put in all my energy into my work and lead a simple life sans any complications. Where’s the room for any such challenges?” he reasons.

And after so many years in the industry, how does he rate India in the international scene? “People look up to India as a hot spot for fashion. We’ve so much more to explore in our country. India is exotic and has a tradition which no other country can boast of,” he avers.

When he’s not designing, Rocky loves to party with friends and be around people. He also travels a great deal. “Night clubs and music energise me,” he adds. What’s the style-maker's statement? Rocky says he’s most comfortable in denims and wears whatever he feels good in.