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This is the month of the Ramayana. It is very beneficial for spiritual seekers to chant the Sri Rama Ashtotram every morning during this month. The material and spiritual benefits that follow are immense. This is also the month when we remember our ancestors and pray that their souls are granted liberation.

On July 30, a huge public program was organised in Croydon in the United Kingdom. Sri Sadguru Sharavana Baba conducted a pithra tarpana puja to grant liberation to the ancestors of those who attended the program.

No less than four Ashtorams were chanted including the Sri Ganesha Ashtotram, the Sri Subramanya Ashtotram and the Sri Rama Ashtotram) and the last which was the Shiva Ashtotram that was recited by Swamiji himself. Swamiji delivered a stirring satsang on the occasion. Its substance was as follows:

There is only one search for all human beings and this search is the search for permanent everlasting happiness.  How can we accomplish this objective?

We can accomplish this objective if we are able to assimilate the teachings of the four Vedas. The four Vedas include the Mother, Father, Guru and God. The number six is significant. Lord Murugan is also credited with six faces (in this form He is known as Shanmukha). Sri Ramas family likewise has six members.

These numbers have a deeper meaning. Lord Rama represented self confidence, His consort Sita represented love, Lakshmana represented ownership and responsibility, Bharata represented the performance of karmas by way of executing duties and obligations in His name and Shatrugana represented the conquering of demonic forces and the performance of ancestral worship and Lord Hanuman represented devotion or bhakti.

Remember that Lord Rama too had to face challenges. He had to go in exile for a period of fourteen years and had to give up his kingship. This is why when you read the holy Ramayana, it brings tears to your eyes. This epic has immense educational value as it instructs all of us on the path of dharma.

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