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Today's letters


Address cause of UK unrest

Sir, this is with reference to “Cameron vows to crush violence” (DH, Aug 11). It is unfortunate that Britain was rocked by riots for four consecutive days following the Tottenham incident .That the white, black and brown youth were involved in the rioting indicates that all is not well in the multi-cultural society. Is not the present crisis an offshoot of the bottled-up anger at the governmental failure to address simmering discontent over unemployment, high cost of living and racial prejudice? Cameron has to go beyond taking measures to crush the rising tide of violence and address roots of unrest.

B H Shanmukhappa

London riots rooted in frustration

Sir, this refers to London riots – British PM vows to fight back (DH, Aug 11)
It is now clear that the police was helplessly outnumbered in tackling arson and looting in London and its neighborhood.

The street riot has been reduced to a kind of ding-dong battle, between the rioters and the police. One generally sees this sort of situation in places affected by extreme lawlessness. The unrest in UK is the culmination of growing frustration over unemployment and drastic fall in living standard.

K.V. Raghuram

Students empowered

Sir, this is with reference to ‘Students can inspect answer sheets: SC’ (DH, Aug 10). Apex court’s ruling providing RTI access to answer sheets is a welcome and a timely step and would help scores of students, who are victimised every year by a faulty evaluation system.

P V Prakash

SC ruling on answer sheets not right

Sir, this refers to ‘Students can inspect answer sheets: SC’ (DH, August 10). Whatever the legal aspects of the case, there will be genuine difficulties in implementing the order.  In fact, there are already several provisions for the students, who appear for public exams, to get their grievances redressed. If RTI is added to them, every unsuccessful candidate would take recourse to it.  

K K Cherian

Right age to retire

Sir, this refers to ‘Centre not to raise retirement age’ (DH, August 10).  There is no need to hike the retirement age from 60 to 62 as this would block the entry of educated youth into government service. The government should not succumb to pressure tactics from any quarters.


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