Mix and match

‘Marriages are made in heaven’ goes the saying, whether that is true or not, couples on earth tie the knot, and make a vow to each other to give and receive bliss and happiness; as they smile graciously to greet their guests on the defining day of their lives.

Marriage as an institution has stood the test of time, but the wedding ceremonies and celebrations have new found concoctions wherein the procedure adopted are becoming increasingly innovative! Internet has its say in today’s marriages. It is indeed a surprise if the couple from the same sect ties the knot, and that too one that did not include the internet as the intervention that entwined the two!

It is now not a surprise if the two individuals coming together are a Malayalee and a Maharashtrian or a Punjabi and a Tamilian or a Kashmiri and a Kannadiga! Dress and fashion too have taken a tryst with tradition, and it is common to see a south Indian bride adorning herself in zardosi lehanga with her relatively tradition bound parents falling in line and sporting a sherwani (wither the silk dhothi or the tie and suit?), or shedding the traditional Kanjeevarams to settle in for crystal embedded georgettes that glimmer and glitter!

The wardrobes now have to cater to the need of having a wedding at a ‘neutral venue,’ that is neither his nor hers; a get together at the brides’ place followed by a reception at the bridegrooms’ home town and how can the marriage be complete without a reception at the place where the bride and the groom met and perhaps work together?

If the above are trends that we are already seeing, the latest in the bandwagon of new found changes is the mix and match of the elaborate and sumptuous food that is served at the weddings.

I was indeed surprised when I had to sit in front of a plantain leaf and was served romali roti and mutter paneer! It took my right brain sometime to reorganise the confusion that this new configuration created. We were then served bisibelebath, and chiroti which are all the traditional Kannada wedding fares only to be rounded off with a juicy ‘paan’ doled out by a turbaned ‘Rajastani paanwala!’

We tickled our taste buds...which were taken on a royal journey from South India to North India, and by looking at the faces of the people lapping it all up, there was no doubt that the mix match food was truly enjoyable. As I walked out ruminating about the do, I wondered, ‘Is this all a part of national integration? Are these changes a fallout of globalisation?  Or is it a process of individual liberalisation?’  Whatever the reason, and whether one wants the change or not, the change is here to stay!

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