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You must forget what somebody has done to you in the past. If you carry the negative memory, you destroy positive thoughts — like purity, niceness, kindness, decency, peace — in you. If you don’t flush out the past, you tend to be suspicious and overreact even with your loved ones. You’re not meant to live in this distrustful, defensive mode.

You must understand that you can’t play judge and jury forever. It dims your vision, it chews up your happiness, health and relationships. Oh there may be a vicarious satisfaction, a self-righteous personal drama in recounting the hurt and playing the injured hero. But to what end? When you hold a rotten egg to fling at your enemy, whose hand stinks?

So, please tune the mind to focus on higher, vaster thoughts. You don’t have to physically go to the Himalayas, just let your mind rest on its hallowed peaks.

Rise in such wisdom. When you fill your mind with loving sweetness, when you extend your hand in warm fellowship, there’s a beautiful vibration there that dissolves all enmity. Fellowship soars high above forgiveness for it effortlessly harmonises thought, action, energy with the exquisite, childlike simplicity of the soul. And you stand there in awe of the dazzling aura inside of you.

You’re reborn to your highest self, you’re revitalised in the spirit of the divine, you’re rewarded by a radiance to your vision and a luster to your health. When you rise in wisdom, you also rise in wellness. You release the body from the accumulated molecules of malice. This creates healing spaces, a bio-chemistry of love.

How do you feel when somebody sees a positive trait in you and expresses it aloud? Example: “You’re the most reliable person I know.” You feel good about yourself. All mental toxins are cleansed by this thoughtful compliment, yes? Now, maintain a list of the good qualities of those you habitually hate. Every time, you’re thrown off by them, study the list and restore your equilibrium.

Remember, nobody is perfect. Check humbly, honestly whether your negative attitude and energy are pressing their negative buttons. And up your positivity! Look closely at their intention, not the tone of voice or abrasive behaviour. When you develop the vision to see the sincere intention, you accept it good-humouredly and are able to resolve things amicably. Maintain your blood pressure at a balanced 120/80 and your pulse rate at a steady 60 bpm!   

The trick is not to take your own good qualities for granted, but to take every moment, every act, every situation as an opportunity to air them. You’ll be ceaselessly happy because when you continually share and care, there’s really no time to feel hurt.

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