This mix is most mild

Good and evil are two sides of a coin; relations matter, wealth doesn’t and trust is one unvarying factor in life... ‘Panchamrutha’ joins other films in celebrating these notions narrating six tales of people from diverse background in diverse situations.

But the film’s dependence on TV serial format harms its prospects. There was potential in developing each story but the director is crippled perhaps by financial restraints and a weak screenplay that doesn’t push the envelope. Actors taking cues by themselves, pauses all show that the director has not had a firm grip where required.

Of the six stories, Ondu Kanasu and Nambike catch the mind and linger in the eyes. Tara and Achyut Kumar’s act as a low middle class couple with two small children struggling to make ends meet is commendable. The same time Nambike, the last story is pure commercial cinema with Devaraj and Srinagara Kitti taking charge. Yajna Shetty, Neethu, Dileep Raj, Padmaja Rao, Sundar and Sudha Belawadi all pitch in with neat performances. But wherever they fail to control themselves, novice actors put up their hands to be counted - a pleasant surprise by itself.

Nothing much to commend about Ashley-Abhilash’s music while A C Mahendran is guilty of turning in a sloppy account of his camera - again, is the budget the real culprit here?
It is essential to have at least rudimentary knowledge of cinema for anyone wanting to make his hay in tinsel sunshine. ‘Panchamrutha’ misses out on a few key ingredients and leaves behind a bland concoction with a hint of things that might have been...

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