Getting meaner and whackier

Getting meaner and whackier

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DARING: Burma Bridge task.

The contestants had luck on their side in last week’s episode as no one faced eliminations.

However, in this episode, the contestants prepare themselves for mind boggling and humiliating dares.

Day five of the boot camp sees the fighters being woken up at 6 am by Akash, and asked to get ready within 15 minutes.

Once they are ready, they are asked to take 20 rounds of the boot camp.

As the contestants get exhausted and are about to collapse, they are taken to the macho zone where Vishal is waiting for them.

At the zone, Vishal’s dare is to cross a distance of 100 feet by balancing on a thin rope tied from one mountain to the other, and the contestants have to stop mid-way and hook the ‘D’ flag and then carry on without looking down at the 200 feet valley.

All this in the least amount of time will take the fighters to the next level.

The contestants at the bottom four in the Burma Bridge task are taken to Sonali’s Playground where, they have to wear a sari within two minutes but, like all of Sonali’s dares, even this one has a twist. Watch the contestants as they struggle to survive the meanest show and face elimination in the fifth week of this journey.