Double-role in 'Kaminey', the best in recent times: Shahid

Double-role in 'Kaminey', the best in recent times: Shahid

 Actors Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra at a press meet for their film Kaminey in Mumbai on Friday. PTI

"Good can get boring after a period of time. I have tried to achieve what director Vishal Bharadwaj has envisaged. It is the best double role that I have come across in recent times," Shahid, who has spinned success with his typical choclate boy image in earlier films, told reporters here.

The actor's character 'Guddu' stammers while 'Charlie' has a lisp.

"We visited ENT specialists and did some research by meeting people who face such disorders in real life. I have tried to realistically represent both the characters. They are not caricatures," Shahid said adding "it was comparatively more difficult to play 'Guddu'."

"Earlier in films, such characters were meant to do only comedy. But, for the first time, a hero was representing such people on screen and they were very happy about it. It is my most challenging role till date," he said.

However, he was surprised and disappointed over 'Kaminey' been given a 'A' certificate by the Censor Board. "There is a lot more violence in other films," he retorted.

On the film's music, especially the hit number 'Dhan Te Nan', Shahid said, "the track stands for the attitude of the film."

The song will also be brought out in a female version, said Priyanka, who plays the female lead in the movie, adding "It will not be part of the film. Vishal will gift it to me."

The actress is portraying the role of 'Sweety', who is feisty and vivacious like her in real life, she added.

'Kaminey' is Shahid's widest release ever with over 1100 prints while his previous 'Kismet Konnection' released with over 900 prints.

The young actor slammed the the media for speculating about his alleged fight with Vishal Bharadwaj.

"Such stories are not at all funny. Vishal has worked with my father and is a very senior member of the film fraternity. I respect him too much," the actor said.