Intricate designs spell vibrance

Intricate designs spell vibrance

Dramatic Appeal

Intricate designs spell vibrance

This year’s ‘Blenders Pride Fashion Tour’ featured some of the best designe­rs, top models and show-stoppers from across the country. The hall at the Leela Palace was pa­c­ked well in advance for the show.

The first day’s first show opened with Rina Dhaka’s collection that was pegged on monsoon holiday. The collection had traditional prints, crafted with a modern touch.

She has opted for folksy, floaty prints, embroidery and home spun accessories to bring out a comfortable and cool look. She had also woven in digital, screen and block prints. “It’s a ready-to-wear and very practical garment. This year’s theme is holiday and people can easily slip into my garments. It’s chic and stylish and the pricing is reasonable,” explained Rina.

Next on board was Raakesh Agarvwal who likes to call himself a trendsetter. His fascination for the sari knows no end and he’s famous for introducing the trouser sari. “You can just slip into a sari and wear it like a trouser,” he bea­med. The baseline for Raakesh’s designs was contemporary opulence. He aims to discover the romance and charm of the simple yet ritualistic act of dressing up. The collection was defined by silhouettes.

The Rohit and Rahul collection titled, ‘Amazement’, was structured to try and discover the old. A whiff of the sixties emanated from a thoroughly modern collection. It was exuberantly styled with colour blocks, layers and silhouettes. Actress and model Giselle Monteiro was the showstopper for this edgy collection. “Art and architecture fascinates us and we always try and combine the two in our work. The old has a charm that no modern design exudes,” explained Rohit.

Day two took everything a notch higher with a new set of designers and each designer bringing in a new crowd.  Expectations ran high and designers and models were on their toes trying to put up a grand show on the last day. Though it was not as crowded as the first day, the turnout was good.

Names like Asmita Marwa, Ramona Narang, Gavin Miguel and Vikram Phadnis showcased their collection.  The show began with resort wear and gowns by Ramona Narang’s ‘Ibella’. Aptly titled ‘Ramona Loves Resorts and Ramona Loves Couture’, the collection showcased simple and uncomplicated clothes with a dramatic appeal. In bright, vibrant and earthy colours, the collection was a great start to the evening. The crowd, however, cheered on as Kannada actress Sharmila Mandre walked the ramp as showstopper for the designer.

The second show saw popular model Lisa Haydon as the showstopper for Gavin Miguel’s latest collection. The collection had carefully constructed cocktail dresses to fitted silhouettes that translated into evening gowns.

Popular designer Asmita Marwa’s theme was ‘Metamorphosis’. “My collection is very contemporary. It is a look at how fashion has transformed from the 70s into the 90s. From the flower power generation to the retro chic, I took a look at how fashion has transformed as I lent it a contemporary look,” said Asmita, whose showstopper for the night was Ramya.

The much-awaited grand finale Vikram Phadnis’ show kept everyone waiting but once it started, it left those in the audience wanting for more.  The collection celebrated heritage and comprised some beautiful motifs and drapes in true Vikram Phadnis style. Actor Fardeen Khan walked the ramp.