Beyond the glamour

Beyond the glamour

Frank opinion

Beyond the glamour

professional Mithilesh

The mood of the show has to be conceptualised, the models groomed and the temperament of the audience judged.

And nobody knows this better than Mithilesh Nyathappa, a Bangalore-based fashion choreographer.

Excited about being a part of the Metrolife Fashion Show, to be held in August and
September, Mithilesh gives us a frank picture of both his love for fashion and his views on the industry today.

Mithilesh, who has completed his BSc, says that he discovered a passion for choreography entirely by accident.

“One day, I was observing some seniors in my college rehearsing for a fashion competition. One of my friends was in the team, so he invited me in and I gave them some suggestions. When I saw that they liked my ideas, I thought of taking up choreography more seriously,” he says.

Mithilesh choreographed a lot of inter-collegiate competitions, and then began to work professionally. He has worked with several denim brands. He has also worked with eminent models like Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shetty and Pashmeena Barker and has been working in shows and grooming models for the last ten years now.

“It’s been a good experience. I think I’ve grown quite a lot in the last few years, and it’s good to know that I can influence and train models,” he says. He maintains, though, that even after ten years in the industry it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact characteristics of a good fashion choreographer.

“There are a lot of things involved in this job; for starters, one needs to have a passion for the job. A good choreographer should want to see people look nice on stage, and wow the audience. It’s also important to avoid the cheesy stuff that a lot of people associate with the ramp,” he says.

And is this his opinion on the state of the fashion industry at present? He concedes that this might have been the case earlier. “Previously, a lot of people thought anything and everything could work on stage. But today, I’d say that the industry has grown in general. In fact, the Fashion Week events have been a real eye-opener for a lot of people,” he says.

Mithilesh adds that in each and every show, he makes a conscious attempt to steer clear of anything that can be construed as ‘trashy’. “I try to keep all my shows classy. The models always need to look nice, but I make sure to always keep the focus on the clothes. I also need to conceptualise the feel and mood of the show, which I do after
talking to the designers.

Keeping the demographic of the audience in mind is also crucial; it’s important to know how to style depending on whether your audience is a corporate or college crowd, for
example,” he says.