Kasab does a flip-flop on pleading guilty

Kasab does a flip-flop on pleading guilty

When asked what changed his mind, Kasab said: Just like that!

As the court proceedings began on Friday, the prosecution started examining a witness. All of a sudden, Kasab got up and told the court that he wanted to plead guilty to all the charges.

The designated judge M L Tahilyani asked him whether he was aware of the charges levelled against him. There are, in all, 84 charges spread over a dozen cases for which Kasab is being tried. When Kasab said he was not, the judge asked him to first consult his lawyer and then tell the court about his decision. Kasab, then, had a word with his government appointed defence lawyer Abbas Kazmi during the recess.

When the court assembled for the post-lunch session, the judge queried Kasab about his desire to plead guilty and  Kasab replied that he did not want to say anything.

“Then why did you want to plead guilty in the morning?” the judge asked. “Yun hi! (Just like that),” was Kasab’s reply. The court then asked if he was being influenced by someone to admit his guilt, but the Pakistani terrorist said he was not.

When the judge asked him whether he wanted the trial to go on, 22-year-old Kasab replied: “Ji haan, aapki marzi se (Yes sir, with your permission).”

Kazmi tried to explain Kasab’s behaviour saying that it was due to the auspicious day of ‘Shab-e-Baraat (night of blessings)’ which Muslims observed on Thursday night. On this day, the faithfuls believe that if they confess, they are forgiven by God.

Later, Kazmi told reporters that Kasab was frustrated and was under the impression that a verdict would be given if he pleads guilty to all the charges.

The judge, during the course of the day’s proceedings, also reprimanded Kasab after he refused to accept food served by jail authorities and threw utensils.

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