Mazy's Muddle: Why a tripod and not a multipod?

No, no, I’m joking. Actually, since we all had cameras and since we wanted pictures of him cutting the cake, we made him cut the cake....but only after a very, very long wait!

Nowadays, we find people taking pictures all the time. All these people with cellphones clicking all the time! It is amazing to see how small cameras have become! But people who practise  professional photography still carry huge ones, with even bigger tripod stands.

Why tripod, I asked my uncle. Because it has three legs, so ‘tri’, he said. No, no, why do they use a tripod, I asked. Because it helps them find a safe plane to plonk the camera, even if the three legs are not of the same length, he said. But why three? I persisted.

Because, because, because....

He never answered that question.

Actually, if three legs can make the tripod stand firmly, why not be more careful and use one with four or five legs? Am I right? What do you think?

Out of the maze
A tripod on three legs is the most firm on any kind of ground. That is because through any three points in space there can be one, and only one,  plane passing. With four points, you can have more than one plane.

The more the points, more chances of the multi-pod changing its balance to different planes!

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