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For a noble cause

Balika Vadhu airs on August 19 at 8 pm on Colors. After a lot of introspection, Anandi decides that she wants to be a teacher. And although she understands the difficulties she is going to be facing as a teacher, she decides to further the cause of education. And thus begins her struggle.

Becoming a teacher is an easy part comparatively. But her bigger battle is to convince adults to actually attend her school. So she decides to go to that one person who she knows is her biggest support and will not turn her down — her mother in law, Sumitra.

Although interested in joining Anandi’s school, Sumitra refuses doing so because she is scared of studying. So then Anandi decides to walk up to maasa Kalyani to ask her to become her first student, to which Kalyani gives a terse no. Gehna then asks Anandi not to lose heart and continue to fight for what she wants.

Almost disheartened but still determined, Anandi goes ahead and opens her school only to discover that not a single student has turned up on the first day. And then she sees an unbelievable sight — her mother-in-law Sumitra, who had first refused, walking towards her school. Sumitra walks up to Anandi asking her if she could be her first student. Anandi answers her question with a beaming smile and tears of happiness in her eyes.

Queen of the kitchen
All this month, Nigella Lawson returns to TLC with ‘Nigella Kitchen’, a new series bubbling with fast, feel-good food for every occasion. The home cooking heroine shows viewers how to whip up delectable dishes for modern living, whatever the situation.

‘Nigella Kitchen’ features a combination of easy, fast and fabulous recipes to beat the clock at the end of a busy day, with more leisurely recipes to unwind with over relaxing weekends. Apart from creating dazzling dishes for indulgent days, Nigella
offers inspiring and inventive ways to make leftovers taste just as good the second time around. ‘Nigella Kitchen’ airs on August 19 at 10 pm.

Ultimate goal
X-Factor India’ airs on August 19 at 8.30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Get ready to witness some stunning performances of the final four on the ‘X-Factor’ dais. Catch the most surprising elimination on the sets of ‘X-Factor’.

This episode will bring to you the most popular Bollywood superhit songs with Arabic influences. So be prepared on Friday to witness this ‘Arabian Night.’ We have the final four presenting some great performances.

Along with the talented contestants, international pop sensation Jay Sean entertains the audience as well. Guess who does a medley with him? It’s none other than our very own Sonu Nigam!  Which finalist will have to leave this stage and who proceeds towards their ultimate goal? Watch all this and more.