Sexting, retweet, woot enter Oxford Dictionary

In fact, the centenary edition of the esteemed Concise Oxford English Dictionary now contains some 400 new entries, some of which are a testament to the continuing evolution of language especially in the time of the Internet.

Retweet -- to repost or forward a message on Twitter, sexting -- the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via a mobile phone, and woot -- used in electronic communication to express elation enthusiasm or triumph, all make the book.

Also fashionable Jeggings -- tight-fitting stretch trousers for women and mankini -- a brief one-piece bathing garment for men with a T-back, made famous by comedy character Borat, are in.

But the 1911 limited-edition dictionary included with its 2011 counterpart, offers a glimpse into a world where exciting new words included 'marconigram' -- a message sent by Marconi's wireless telegraphy system; 'kinematograph' -- an apparatus producing motion pictures; and 'biplane' -- a two- winged aeroplane, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

"The 1911 dictionary was a lot smaller than the latest version and is phrased more quaintly in some places, but my overriding impression of it is how good it was," said Angus Stevenson, an editor of the 12th edition of the dictionary.

Words from the fashion world of 1911 show how much the world has changed. It includes 'blouse' -- then defined as a workman's loose linen or cotton garment -- 'frock' -- a monk's long gown with loose sleeves and 'petticoat' -- a skirt worn by women, girls and young boys.

The current edition which contains over 240,000 words, phrases and definitions.

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