First, don’t you ever feel inferior to anyone because of your height.

As for your height, the best way to try and up your chances to grow a few inches, is by getting physically active. Get involved in an activity that will make you huff and puff, break into a sweat for atleast 45 minutes in a day, go for a brisk walk, run, jog or join a sports team — either baskeball, football, hockey etc.

As for your weight, it’s important to:

Reduce your portion sizes.  Instead of having two chapathis, have one, similarly, instead of having one bowl of rice, have half a bowl, etc.

Eat more fibre: Eat more green leafy vegetables, whole grains, salad vegetables.
Do not ever skip breakfast: No matter how late you are to college or a meeting, grab a fruit, or a sandwich or a quick idli with tomato chutney.

Reduce your saturated fat intake: Avoid ghee, whole milk, cream, butter and cheese. These foods have a majority of the negative fats which are harmful to the heart.

Drink plenty of fluid; best is simple pure water, then green tea, and light tea. Fizzy drinks which are energy-rich have artificial flavouring and colour.

Parul Dube

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