'G J Reddy Sir' got Rs. 4.79 crore as 'risk' payments

The money was paid by cheques, cash

The seized documents are part of the UV Singh report on illegal mining. The report says that the authenticity of the documents procured from the IT Department was verified with the accounts obtained from Axis Bank, Bellary. The account number 2669 and cheque numbers issued out of this account at the Axis Bank were verified and found that the account is operated in the name of M/s Bhakta Markandeshwara Minerals (SBMM) of Hospet. Another account, no. 16667, pertains to Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Minerals.

The financial transactions through the cheque numbers stated (in the table) have been cross-verified with the bank account. It is found that most of the cheque numbers and corresponding amounts are matching. “It is clear that proxy accounts were opened to transfer illegally earned money to G J Reddy Sir,” the report says.

The ‘risk amount’ of Rs 4,79,03,917 paid to ‘G J Reddy Sir’ is not the final figure. Large amounts of money has been paid through cash too. As the monies were paid for protection to illegal mining activities, it should be recovered and forfeited by the State Government, the report recommends.

The report says action should also be initiated against ‘Sri G J Reddy Sir’ under various provisions of law. It says about 60 bank accounts connected with the iron ore trading are operated by K Mahesh and his associates.

Verification of the transactions showed close linkage between illegal mining and transactions. Most of the accounts were opened in 2008-09 and 2009-10. The transactions mostly during 2009-10 when illegal mining was at its peak.

The report also has a table indicating vehicle movement without permits to transport illegally extracted iron ore.

The vehicles, according to industry sources, were transporting illegally extracted ore using “zero risk permits” of the illegal mining mafia.

As many as 215 entries illegal ore transporation from mines (most of them illegal) to unregistered stock yards between November and December 2009 have been mentioned in the report.

The entries also mention the bribe amount to be paid by the transporter to the officials for easy movement. The total bribe paid is to the tune of Rs 31.79 lakh. The payments include - Ganesh mines to KVS plot – Rs 15,505 (10.11.09); Saikata to Karignur – Rs 17,458 (10.11.09); Siddapur to T plot – Rs 47,895 (13.11.09); SVK to HNF – Rs 9,497 (28.12.09).

Produced below is an excerpt from documents seized by Income Tax Department (Director Investigation) indicating ‘risk payments’ to ‘G J Reddy Sir’. There are totally 37 entries and the total amount is shown as Rs. 4,79,03,017.

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