Energy and passion set in motion

Winning hearts

Proud parents, extended family, friends, ex-students and teachers had gathered at the venue to watch the performances.

The graduating students were visibly excited backstage and no one was allowed to talk to them before the performance.

But a few did manage to come out to greet their loved ones only for a few seconds and quickly headed back.

Breaking away from the traditional form of dance, ‘Attakkalari’ allows the dancer to gain complete knowledge of each dance form and then understand its principles in this contemporary style.

Said Eliamma Rao, the manager of education and development at the centre, “Attakkalari is a challenge and a very demanding dance form. But it’s only after a student gets through the course that he or she really become more aware of where they are exactly headed. It’s almost like an inner journey.

Many students, who join us drop out half way because of the pressure and demands. This year too, out of the 21 students who joined, only 15 are graduating. It’s a proud moment for all of us.”

The recital focussed on the journey taken by the students. From presenting the different dance styles that they had learnt through the year to showcasing their individual choreography, the recital was much appreciated by all.

The evening started with an alarippu and was followed  by a thillana. Their next piece, Mallar, took inspiration from bharatanatyam. The short vignettes showcased the rejuvenation of nature.

The highlight of the evening was the Archadia, a piece that focussed on the simple pleasures of life. It was in this piece, one got to see the solo performance of each student.

“Though I have not known this batch for long, I have seen them grow tremendously. To be a dancer is a very demanding job but no doubt at the end of this day, I am sure each one would take all the experience they have gathered and use it widely in their future,” said Parth Bhardwaj, an ex-student. The evening ended on a light note with each of the students getting their certificates.

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