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Imagine a Jay Sean gig, and you’d think the audience would mostly consist of teenaged girls dying to get a glimpse of the popular R&B singer.  But it seems that his appeal spreads to a wider audience, since his concert at the Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday night saw a huge crowd from all over the City thronging at the gates.

Men, women, kids and college students alike lined up to watch him perform a series of his most popular songs. Jay Sean’s entry, amidst flashing strobe lights, beat-boxing and foot-tapping music, sent the gathered crowd into an immediate frenzy.

Dressed casually in a white, fitted T-shirt, dark jeans with chains and a black waist coat, he ripped right into one of his classic songs, the 2004 hit ‘Got My Eyes On You’.  The crowd loved the performance, and needed absolutely no encouragement in singing and shrieking along with him.

He also mixed up the evening a little with a few hit songs by other famous artistes, including LMFAO’s ‘Shots’ and Enrique’s ‘I’m Loving You Tonight’. The R&B singer, who’s real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, has a line-up of hit singles to his name that he performed on Sunday night.

He kept the evening interactive, talking to select groups in the crowd and encouraging them to cheer and shriek even louder. He was accompanied on stage by his official tour disc jockey, DJ Bikram Keith, a Washington DC-based performer who is well-known for his eclectic style and skill at the mixing table.

Keith kept the crowd entertained before the concert began by playing several popular songs off Jay Sean’s album, including ‘I Just Wanna Dance With You’, which was a part of
the Rishi Rich Project, as well as ‘Stolen’.

Also performing along with Jay Sean at the event was Dean Hosenie, the UK beat-boxing champion.  Both these artistes shared a great rapport, and livened the entire evening with their witty interactions.

Dean Hosenie impressed the crowd by imitating a car engine revving up as an introduction to one of Jay Sean’s songs.  The event was organised as a part of Bacardi’s ‘Like it Live, Like it Together’ programme, which allows the people of the City to pick up the artistes they want to see performing live themselves, simply by ‘liking’ them on Facebook.

Jay Sean, who is based in the UK, says that he is excited about coming to India to meet all the people who selected him in their line-up of artistes they wanted to see perform

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