'I want to design for Madhuri'

'I want to design for Madhuri'


'I want to design for Madhuri'

With no formal training in fashion design, his success story is an inspiration for many young, aspiring designers. Looking back, this choreographer-turned-designer, says he has no regrets about his career and will never forget all of those who stood by him during his struggle to reach where he is now.

Talking to Metrolife during his visit to the City for a fashion show, Vikram says that Indian fashion has changed for better over the years.

“Moreover, the people of the country have become far more conscious about what they wear. It’s not always about what’s in vogue but the Indian men and women are far more in control of their wardrobe,” says Vikram, whose clothes have made their way into the wardrobe of the creme-de-la-creme of the glamour industry.

Ask him if he thinks that the dominance of Bollywood in the fashion industry is causing a problem, he is quick to add, “These two industries have always grown side by side. People always want to wear what a hero or leading lady wears in his or her movies. Movies have given inspiration to people’s dressing styles. So I feel there is nothing wrong in the way the two have merged.”

Known for his bridal wear, the designer says that there is a lot of pressure to ensure that every bride’s D-Day couture is perfect. At the same time, he adds that there has been a drastic change in the Indian bride today. “As fashionable as they are, the Indian brides today know exactly what they want. They are in more control of the silhouettes, colour and even opt for the comfort factor,” he adds.

If there is one thing Vikram can’t stop doing, it is designing for movies. Creating larger-than-life dream sequences for all onscreen characters, the designer has enjoyed dressing celebrities off the screen as well.

Ask him for a favourite and he doesn’t hesitate to say, “My all time favourite is Salman Khan. I owe a lot to him. He encouraged me for nearly 13 years of my career and I can never forget him. I also enjoy dressing Priyanka Chopra and amidst the younger generation, Sonakshi Sinha has been a delight on and off the ramp,” he adds.

But if there is one celebrity Vikram would love to design for, it is the ever beautiful Madhuri Dixit. “I have always wanted to design for Madhuri. She has got such an amazing aura. Unfortunately, by the time I got into designing, she had gotten married and taken a break from the film industry. But I still hope someday, I get the chance to design for her,” he sums up.