Govt sends Jan Lokpal Bill to Par Standing Committee

Govt sends Jan Lokpal Bill to Par Standing Committee

Govt sends Jan Lokpal Bill to Par Standing Committee

"We have forwarded Jan Lokpal Bill to the Standing Committee for its consideration. It is for the Committee to decide," Minister of State for Personnel V Narayanasamy said in the Rajya Sabha.

Winding up a short duration discussion on the issue of corruption, he said the government has an "open mind" on the Jan Lokpal Bill.

On the issue of inclusion of Prime Minister under the ambit of the proposed legislation, Narayanasamy said Manmohan Singh himself was open to the idea.

Appealing to Hazare to end his nine-day-old fast, he said the Gandhian should help the government bring a strong and effective Lokpal Bill.

He, however, said Parliament is supreme. "Parliament and the rule of law should be upheld by the government," he said.

Narayanasamy said Parliament was the only forum where the Lokpal Bill can be debated and passed.
He said Lokpal Bill alone cannot end corruption and the government was in the process of bringing in several other legislations to tackle the problem.

Earlier, intervening in the debate Commerce and Industries Minister Anand Sharma said though people have fundamental right to "dissent", they cannot be allowed to "subvert" Constitution.

"Democracy should not be replaced by lynching mob," he said, apparently referring to the agitation in front of houses of MPs and ministers by Hazare's supporters.

The Government, he said, is aware of public anger against corruption and is addressing the issue within constitutional framework after following due process and procedures.

But, he said "Parliament is supreme and effort to denigrate its prestige will not be tolerated."