A police station unlike others...

A newly built and bottle-green painted building attracts the eyes of the passers-by. A flagpole and a Australian grass lawn maintained around the building adds further elegance to the structure. One might easily confuse this to be property belonging to a company or an organisation.

Barring a few, most of the police stations usually bring to mind a sober and dreaded structure which lacks modern and artistic touch.
A big compound dumped with broken and mangled vehicles with piles of dust on them. A sentry who gauges one’s character with a look and not to forget creepy pot-bellied cops.
Among common people there is a strong perception that going to a station is degrading and not for people from respectable families.

The police department, in order remove such misconceptions and to build a friendly image of the cops has taken up several measures. Though only a few are being implemented, some cops with their decent efforts in this direction have become models for others. The cops in Robertsonpet police station belong to this category.

The cops, apart from giving a modern touch to their station are also carrying the message of good and friendly cops. Not the one people should fear. First, a new building was constructed after demolishing a century-old stone building. However, the daunting surrounding continued to exist. 

One of the senior police officers of the State, A R Infant advised the cops to plant some saplings and to maintain greenery in the surrounding. Heeding to the advice the cops planted sapling but failed to maintain them (saplings) due to their hectic work.
However, the zeal was carry forward by SI Anjappa who was aptly supported by Circle Inspector Ramesh. As a result, the Robertsonpet police station stands distinct from others of its category.

Apart from this, the cops are in constant dialogue with common people, auto drivers and bus owners. The meetings held with residents of wards has brought them close to the

One of the best example is the contact programmes held at Urigaum and Parandahalli where hundreds of women voluntarily participated in the programme.

Though no fund is sanctioned by the government to give police stations a corporate look, thanks to the contributions from donors and well wishers, the Robertsonpet police station stands apart.

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