Gaddafi era coming to an end, paving way for new era: Clinton

"The events in Libya this week have heartened the world. The situation remains fluid, but its clear that the Gaddafi era is coming to an end, opening the way for a new era in Libya — one of liberty, justice, and peace," Clinton said after the United Nations approved release of USD 1.5 billion in Libyan assets that had been frozen in the US.

"This money would go toward meeting the needs of people of Libya. We urge other nations to take similar measures. Many are already doing so," she said.

Clinton said that the National Transitional Council (NTC) should fulfill its international responsibilities and commitments to build a tolerant, unified democratic state that protects the universal human rights of all its citizens.

"It is critical that the NTC engage swiftly with leaders and communities across Libya to ensure order, provide critical basic services to the people, and pave the way for a full democratic transition.

"Libya's future would be peaceful only if the leaders and people of Libya reach out to each other in a spirit of peace. There can be no place in the new Libya for revenge attacks and reprisals," she said.

Clinton said the NTC has to ensure that Libya fulfills its treaty responsibilities, that its weapons stockpiles do not threaten its neighbours or fall into the wrong hands, and that it takes a firm stand against violent extremism.

At the same time, she also called on Gaddafi, his family, and his supporters to bring an end to their continuing violence for the sake of Libyan people and Libya's future.

Clinton said that the US has played a central role, from the beginning, in marshalling the international response to the crisis in Libya, in saving thousands of lives and helping confront a ruthless, erratic dictator who was poised to slaughter his own people in order to hold on to power.

"The US will stand with the Libyan people and our international partners in the weeks and months ahead, to help as Libyans write the next chapter of their history," she said.

The US and the international community, she said, have stood by the Libyan people during many difficult days in the last six months.

"We will continue to support them as they take on the regime elements that still pose a threat to Libya's future – and as they address their humanitarian needs and rebuild their nation. The Libyan people made this revolution and they will lead the way forward, but they deserve our help. Libya's future is not guaranteed. Considerable work lies ahead," she said.

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