Thousands march in triumph

Thousands march in triumph

Nation celebrates as Anna ends his fast against graft

Thousands march in triumph

Cutting across the barriers of age and gender, people danced to the tunes of bands, did Bhangra, sang patriotic songs, raised impromptu slogans, flew kites named after Anna, waved the Tricolour and distributed sweets and chocolates among themselves in response to the Gandhian’s call.

“ A new fight has started in the country,” said 74-year-old wheel chair bound Narendra Gupta, who came along with his children and grandchildren to watch the rate event here.
“Lokpal may not be solutions to the corruption, but Anna has sent a strong message to government,” Gupta said waving the National Flag.

Payal, a student of Delhi University came with five friends holding candles while shouting “Anna Hazare Long Live”.

“I am happy to be here amid of thousands of people. We want the government to act immediately to end the menace of corruption,”  said the student who seemed so excited.
Amidst huge media presence and police deployment, people sang patriotic songs and waved flags while some painted their faces with colours of the Tricolour.

Jagadesh Lehari, a Mumbai based businessman who came to city on business trip, also came to India Gate to take part in the celebration.

“Instead of sitting in a hotel room I came here to join the public,” he said. Nasir Ahemad, also a businessman, said he came to New Delhi with a group of 40 people from Vaishali. To mark the event he was seen distributing free sweets and chocolates.

Those who had converged at India Gate included people from all walks of life and ages. From a six-year-old to elderly, everybody seemed in a mood to enjoy.