Stealing the show

Rocking the Runway

The team from Garden City College.ALT Training College showcased a self-created collection entitled Navarasa, which sought to depict the range of human emotions. The creations made extensive use of rich, layered fabrics like velvet, silk and lighter, netted veils. Deep colours, like dark tones of red and green as well as lighter shades of yellow and green were predominant.  Prasanth, the design teacher and choreographer of the team, said that a lot of effort had gone into creating Navarasa.

“Every single creation has been crafted by the students from scratch,” he explained. Baldwin Methodist College, which emerged as the first runner up, went for an ancient Indian inspired theme centred around Lord Krishna and his ever-present flute. The boys wore silk dhotis in single, bold colours, edged with a silver and gold trim.

The look was spiced up with a generous dose of bronzer and body paint, dreadlocks and bold pieces of armour that they wore across their shoulders and chests. The showstopper of the performance was dressed as Lord Krishna, complete with bright blue body paint, a gold and silver dhoti and elaborate headgear. Though Krishna dropped his flute on stage, he carried off his act without panicking.

The third team that managed to secure place in the finals comprised the students of Indian Academy, who opted to design a collection around an ancient Greek-inspired theme.

The creations included white, silk togas that were draped in a variety of ways, including one that styled somewhat like a Japanese kimono. Others went for a bolder look with capes and tattered leather accessories in dark colours.

The look of the show was spiced up with metallic, strappy sandals, tattoos, chunky jewellery and elaborate wreaths made of orchids and leaves.


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