Morality comes and grows

I used to believe what I was conditioned to think-that success in my profession, in my relationships, and in my savings accounts would always give me a feeling of security and that subsequently this would make me happy.  I was in for a rude awakening.

In 1990 I became a disciple of Sai Baba. His teachings resonated with my heart.  He said, “Health is sought by man, not for its own sake; he tries to cure his illness, for illness means grief; he tries to secure health, for health means joy.  He is after ananda, joy.  At all times, through all acts, he seeks only bliss.”

When the life I thought I controlled got derailed by losses, I soon realized how quickly I became a zero! But the Grace of Baba was there for me.  He said, “A fish thrown on the bank of the lake wiggles and struggles to enter the water again.  Man's struggle to get back into ananda is also of the same nature, he was in ananda and he has been thrown into misery.  His native element is ananda.  He had calm, concord, peace and love when he was in the realm of ananda.  Now this ananda has to be won back each for himself.  No other can get it for him. Develop love for one and all. Love! Love! Love! That is the only property that will last with you forever. You do not need anything greater than love and there is nothing more important than love. Plunge into service with a feeling, 'Service is God, Service is my life!”

Could it be that simple?  I wondered.  I had always done volunteer work as part of my civic duty, but I learned that Swami was talking about a different kind of helping others. 

Donating money is impersonal, and serving sweets at a charity fund raiser is equally removed from those in need.

Baba has said, “Service should not be undertaken with an expectation of remuneration. Money comes and goes, but morality comes and grows. Do not be elated when you get money and do not be depressed when you lose them.”

It took me long years of spiritual practice before I could give up my attachment to money. There is nothing wrong with having enough, but hording is wasteful. Baba always pointed out that sharing whatever we had was beneficial, he insisted that money was like blood, that it should not be stopped up but that it should keep on flowing.  Through his teachings I came to understand that wanting is an attac­hment as much as aversion is.

Swami prepared us for whatever we might have to face in life.   He said, “God is always with you, above you and behind you.  Develop this firm faith in your heart.  God's grace is not transitory. He will always protect you. He will always be with you.”

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