'My personal space is important to me'

'My personal space is important to me'


'My personal space is important to me'

candid Tisca ChopraAt the same time, she doesn’t ignore her love for theatre and gives enough time to balance both her passion.

In the City recently to act in ‘Dinner With Friends’, the actress tells Metrolife that she has found herself again through theatre. “Theatre has been like a blessing. I have learnt and unlearnt so many things. And I almost feel like a newcomer each time I come on stage,” says she.

Not too long ago, Tisca was part of the small screen as an anchor. Ask her if the audience will ever see her returning to television and she immediately responds with a ‘No’. “My personal space is very important to me. With the number of reality shows that are out there today, I don’t think I can ever imagine putting my private life out for sale for everyone to see,” she says.

Content with the kind of work she is doing, Tisca says she is in no hurry to go on a signing spree. “Firstly, one must remember that I am also a housewife. Nevertheless,
I have never been the kind of actress who would sign just about anything. I have come into this industry to explore my talent and do quality work. I have never ever run behind empty fame and money. I want to take time and wait for a good script that will excite me and make me believe in the story,” says Tisca.

Soon, the actress will be seen in Dia Mirza and Zaheed Khan’s production Love Break Up Zindagi. “This is a really sweet film. I play this 30-year-old woman who refuses to take the pressure of finding love. As much as I love doing commercial cinema, I am also trying my hand in serious heartfelt stories,” says Tisca, who will be seen in her first Punjabi movie Kushiyaan.

Word is also around that Tisca will soon turn producer but she quickly clarifies that there are still a few glitches that she has to overcome before getting into production completely. “I have wanting to be a producer for the longest time because there has been nothing more moving than cinema. Plans are still in the pipeline but there is still time before I make it official,” she says. So what kind of films would she like to produce? “I want to bring forth stories of courage and slices of life. That’s going to be my kind of cinema,” she says proudly.