Three kinds of givers

They left their car and headed towards a remote country-road in search of some accommodation.  They reached a small farmhouse where an elderly couple carrying a kerosene lamp, opened the door. They requested for a night’s accommodation. The elderly lady said “Well children, we just have a small spare-bedroom. We will tidy it up for you”.

Early in the morning the couple placed some money on the dressing table and silently moved towards the main door in order not to disturb the elderly couple.  To the shock of the young couple, they found the elderly couple fast asleep in between hay stacks in the cowshed.

The young couple were amazed at the affection of the two, they went back and placed all the money they had, on the dressing table. The Bible points to a poor widow who had just two copper coins (Mathew 12:41-44) and she puts in both the coins into the temple dumb-box. 

She gave all that she had, in thankfulness to God. So much like the elderly couple who spared the only room they for the young couple. There are three kinds of givers.  Grudge givers who hate to give.  Duty givers give out of duty or obligation. Thanks givers give out of great love and thanksgiving. God calls us to be more like thanks givers by giving to those in most need.  The blessings in return are countless they are things that money cannot buy; good health, peace of mind and beautiful relationships.

Jesus says “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."(Luke 6:38).

Some years ago, a magazine carried the story of a baby born blind, mentally challenged and affected with cerebral palsy. The parents abandoned the baby. The hospital heard of a 50 year nurse named May Lempke who had five children and knew how to care for such babies.

They approached her with the baby saying “This child will probably die young.  Could you take care of this baby”.  The nurse replied “If I take this baby, he won’t die young and I will be happy to take this child”. She named him Leslie.

Despite his physical condition, by the time he was twenty eight years old, he began to play the piano, wake up from bed on his own and surprised the world when he began to play at public concerts.

The power love and self-giving can change our very own lives as much as it changes the lives of others. So release that power with you. Change the world around you.

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