'I walk, talk and think films'

'I walk, talk and think films'

Another Horror

Ram Gopal Varma’s Factory has a cold logic that perhaps comes to it by its very name. Like an assembly line of any factory, RGV’s production house continues to churn out film after film, notwithstanding the number of flops it has had in recent times.

Varma’s newest offering, Agyaat will hit the theatre screens across the country this weekend.  “It may come across as another horror film but it’s a thriller. It may have similarities with the movies that have already been made but there is something new in this film. Horror films are sunk in blood and gore but there’s none of that here,” says Ram Gopal Varma.

In the City for the promotion of Agyaat, Varma said the film is about a few youngsters who camp deep in the jungles to shoot a film. They are soon struck by something that’s unknown, something that’s inexplicable. Suddenly one by one, the team members start disappearing. Nobody knows the cause, could it be a killer or worse a predator? 

The killer ‘thing’ is never revealed in the movie. Rather it is left to the imagination of the audience. “I love to scare people and that’s something I have been doing successfully till date. As a child I would run around screaming from behind startling everyone, now I do the same through my movies,” Varma told Metrolife. “Camping in the jungles was an experience in itself but the biggest challenge has been the sound. A great deal of imagination and visual elements have been created to keep the audience on the edge of their seats,” says Varma. The crew of Agyaat shot in the jungles of Sri Lanka and Kerala.

They were reluctant and feared for their life at first because the LTTE was on the prowl in Sri Lanka but back in Mumbai it was a time when the Taj was struck by the terrorists. “So I told the crew that if you are destined to die you could even die here in Taj,” reasons Varma.

Did Varma’s choice of forest as his film’s settings go down well with his extreme character? He reasons that he always believed that a location in a film should be treated like a character. “In the right context and if rightly composed you will almost feel as if the location is alive and will have a recall value long after one has seen the film,” he says.

 Varma will soon venture to make the first 3D horror film, Warning. “I hope to take it to a different level of imagination altogether,” says Varma. 

Doesn’t he ever get tired of making movies? “I walk, talk, think and watch only movies,” says Varma. To whether he does anything else apart from movies, he has a big ‘NO’. “It’s a mere thought that translates into a film. I guess the more time you spend on a particular thing it develops or you tend to develop it no matter what,” says Varma.
At a time when the world continues to mourn the death of the King of Pop,Varma too hasn’t missed a chance to pay his tribute, “I hate Michael Jackson.

I hate him for dying and making me realise that he is just a human being. I hate that he too has to breathe to live. I hate that he too has a heart which can stop like anybody else's,” he signs off.