Sadananda in driver's seat

Sadananda in driver's seat

Sadananda in driver's seat

During inspection, his followers raised slogans hailing him.  After completing the journey, he said: “We are expecting the clearance from the Railway Board by September 4,” but stayed non-commital on the launch date. While noting that BMRCL was prepared for the launch, he said the inauguration date would be subject to the Prime Minister’s availability.

Although Manmohan Singh has committed to inaugurate the project, the PMO has not been able to confirm a date yet.

Sitting in the driver’s seat during the journey to Byappanahalli, BMRCL sources said, Gowda had several questions to help him understand how the Metro runs.

After reaching the Byappanahalli station, Gowda also made a brief visit to the depot located next to the station, accompanied by Home and Transport Minister R Ashoka, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister S Suresh Kumar.

Later, speaking to reporters, BMRCL Managing Director N Sivasailam said the Corporation would throw open the train for public use the same day it is inaugurated.

“The public will be allowed to use the train the same day Manmohan Singh inaugurates it,” he said, adding trains would run at a frequency of 10 minutes, with increased frequency (six-eight minutes) during peak hours.

Initially, four out of the five cars ready to be pressed for service will run, with the other kept as stand-by. Two more cars, recently delivered by BEML, are undergoing track tests.