Citizen's Woes

Citizen's Woes

Citizen's Woes

Remove oil from sunken ship

Transportation of iron ore through lorries and ships have created several problems both on roads and on sea. Many people have lost their lives due to accidents and owing to the negligence of lorry drivers, roads and bridges have been completely damaged making the movement of traffic difficult. Several ships come to Magalore harbour from different contries to tranpsort iron ore fines.

During monsoon,  due to the rough weather, ships that carry mines/iron ore sink for technical and other reasons. So far, 3 to 4 ships have already sunk along the coastal region. Den Den which sunk near Thannirbhavi is still lying there. This year, another Hong Kong ship sunk in the sea. This sunken ship contains about 400 metric tonne of heavy fuel oil and diesel which will be harmful to marine ecology if it leaks out in the sea.  According to the reports, the sea water on some parts have turned brown because of mixing of iron ore dust into sea waters. It will be another tragedy if such a big quantity of oil spills into the sea .

To prevent all this pollution and to protect the environment, district administration and other authorities concerned should take immediate action to remove oil and the iron ore fines from the ship. When lorries are banned to tranpsort iron ore, it is better to ban the ships also during rainy season.

J F D’Souza

City traffic a chaos

Finally, iron ore laden trucks off the roads. There is genuine reason for every citizen who travels daily by the NH-17, NH-13 and NH-48 to cheer and celebrate the absence of these monster lorries which have destroyed our roads and bridges. While we enjoy a freeway ride on these highways, what a contrast as we drive within the City of Mangalore?

The main roads and junctions like the PVS Junction, Bunts Hostel Junction, Ambedkar Circle, Nanthoor Junction are all getting choked for almost 20-30 minutes. In spite of the traffic signals and the presence of traffic police, if this is the situation now, then we dare think of the chaotic position in 2010-2011!  With more and more 2/3/4 wheelers getting registered at the RTO, the position is only getting worse every day. Especially in a few junctions like Bunts Hostel and Ambedkar Circle, it is a free for all in spite of the police presence.   The Central market, Felix Pai Bazaar, GHS Road, Car Street may all become only walking zones with no entry for any vehciles. Sounds funny, but it is not very far from being a reality soon. The City fathers/planners have never planned for the traffic growth of the old city resulting in this mess. It is time we wake up to the present reality and plan for elevated walkways at important junctions to enable smooth traffic flow at these junctions. The Mayor, DC, RTO, DIG and other officials must discuss and decide on the solutions to these traffic woes and address them at the earliest.

B N R Rao
Vivek Nagar, Kulur

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